Due to the shutdown of cultur life because of the Covid-19 pandemy we started a campaign at our webstore. This campaign contains weekly running discounts on selected products. The selection will be changed every Friday. On one hand thereby we want to offer nearly profitless prices in times when maybe there is less work and money like normally, and on the other hand we want to draw attention to the importance of music culture and art. If you want to support your friends, favourite artists and labels, please do this as direct as possible.


If you are interested in purchasing Morgengrau fan stuff, feel free to head over to our Merchandise Webstore via the button below. Thank you very much to all of you, who have already shown their support.

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Now available: streaming and digital purchase of the album via Bandcamp


Today we added our entire album "Staub zu Staub" to Bandcamp. So now you can stream the whole album. We hope to give direction to purchasing the album on the digital way via Bandcamp or on the conventional way by ordering it at our Merchandise Shop.


The following link guides you to
Morgengrau @ Bandcamp

Second song and revealing the "Staub zu Staub"-tracklist

We have uploaded another song of our upcoming album to our Youtube channel. It is the song "Blutmond" and features a few details about our bandmembers.

Furthermore we would like to reveal the tracklist for the upcoming release "Staub zu Staub":
01. Legatum
02. Selbstsein
03. Berge

04. Geheimnisumwoben
05. Stimme der Vergeltung
06. Blutmond
07. An diesem Ort
08. Weit
09. Epitaphe
10. Des Winters ...

11. Am Ende

Check the song "Blutmond" here:

First song and cover artwork of the upcoming album

You can now listen to the brandnew song "Epitaphe" at our Soundcloud channel and at our Youtube profile. It is the first impression of our upcoming first full-length album entitled "Staub zu Staub", which will be released in spring 2017.

Follow this link:
MORGENGRAU @ Soundcloud



Demo - Schattenzeiten

in German:

Das erste Lebenszeichen: "Schattenzeiten" Demo-CD

Lange hat es gedauert, und gerade deshalb freut es uns um so mehr, dass wir nun endlich unsere Demo-CD fertig haben. Unter dem Titel "Schattenzeiten" werden sich vier feurige Songs durch die Gehörgänge fressen. Die CD ist limitiert auf 350 Stück und kann für 6 Euro ausschließlich über die Band bezogen werden.