2009 until 2011

Founded in 2009 by Necrodaemon and Vultus, the two guys searched for years for suitable musicians to expand the lineup. Initially, Vultus took over the vocals as well as the guitar. Necrodaemon was responsible for the drums.

After 3 years of extensive research, Lupus, a very good friend who has already created some songs as a solo project, was added to the band and since then has been taking over the vocals of Morgengrau.
Only a few weeks later, the band added another friend, Apophis on guitar. The group celebrates fast-paced and gloomy Black Metal with different influences.

2012 until 2015
Finally in October 2012, the first live appearance was denied, which resulted in more live confirmations. Through good contacts to other bands, the band was able to convince at many live concerts. From spring to fall in 2013, Morgengrau produced their first physical sign of life in the form of a 4-track EP titled "Schattenzeiten" (limited to 350).
In spring 2014, the band expanded their lineup. Another friend, the bassist Krieg joined in an appealing activity, and from now on, the low frequencies of their music should be breathed life. After guitarist Apophis quit his activity for personal reasons in the spring of 2015, a new man was found with Katharsis shortly afterwards for this position.


2016 until 2017
The first full-length album - recorded and produced from April to November 2016 - entitled "Staub zu Staub" was released on the 17th March 2017. In the form of 11 songs with a total playing time of more than 63 minutes, the band has succeeded in a musical and content development. For the mixing and mastering the Dreamsound Studios Munich were hired. The new sound of Morgengrau is clearer, more typical and dynamic.

After the live appearance at the well-known festival Dark Easter Metal Meeting (2018) in Munich, drummer Necrodaemon decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Besides the fact that Morgengrau was not in the mood to cancel upcoming live shows and as the search for a new drummer has emerged very difficult, guitarist Katharsis decided to switch over to the drums in the meantime. And that's why the acquisition of session guitarist Thorn offered new opportunities.

Finally, coincidence took its toll in August 2019. After 14 months the band was able to return to their original formation, as Moloch has found his position as the new drummer of Morgengrau. From now on the work on the new song material is progressing again. The next release is planned for the second half of 2020.

Copyright by Fräulein Fotosucht
Copyright by Fräulein Fotosucht